Code of Ethics


This code of ethics is adopted by the managing board of the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals (BAWP) and aims to establish common, transparent and obligatory rules for the implementation of the initiative “International Mavrud Day'', hereafter IMD.

The IMD is designed as a celebration of Bulgarian wine and as such it is focused on local grape varieties. The wines that predominate in each wine event during IMD should be made of the Mavrud grape variety or other local / Bulagrian grapes.

IMD originated following an idea of BAWP and is organised by the association. All rights on this event belong to BAWP.

This Code of Ethics is mandatory for all IMD participants, partners and external associates and/or subcontractors for activities under contracts with BAWP.

The Code of Ethics is a set of mandatory principles and rules, identified by the organisers, that determine the image of the IMD initiative and the message it should carry among the professional community at the local and international level.

Section I. MAIN PRINCIPLESArt. 1. The Code of Ethics sets the principles and norms of ethical behaviour and professional responsibility of each IMD participant. It establishes the relations among participants in terms of fair competition, professional good faith, and compliance with established and relevant good practices in organising related events.

Art. 2. When joining the IMD initiative, each participant, associate or partner declares that he/she accepts the code and will abide by it during each activity directly or indirectly linked to IMD.

Art. 3. The relations among the IMD participants, associates or partners are based on the principles of honesty, loyalty, mutual trust, tolerance and ethics.

Art. 4. The IMD participants accept as their moral obligation not to use their participation in IMD for the development and implementation of individual advertising or marketing strategy that goes against this code or the general vision and messages of IMD, or that is in violation of unfair competition rules.

Art. 5. The IMD participants shall set aside sufficient time for event planning and shall provide the necessary information requested by the organisers.

Art. 6. The members accept as their moral obligation not to undertake any public actions that damage the prestige of IMD and BAWP, the organiser.


Art. 7. All IMD participants are strictly obliged to comply with the Competition Protection Act. In addition to the sanctions provided by law, the participants shall be held liable to the IMD organisers for any violations they commit. 

Art. 8. During business activities part of IMD, actions or behavior shall be deemed inacceptable if they go against good commercial practice and if they unacceptably harm or could harm the interests of competitors, their mutual relations or relations with customers.

Art. 9. Supply of goods and/ or services during IMD shall be deemed inacceptable if manipulates and misleads consumers in terms of quality, quantity and origin in order to undercut prices, discredit competitors or establish a monopoly in production, consumption or trade.  

Art. 10. Each advertisement or other public event during IMD shall be deemed unethical if it creates an incorrect or exaggerated notion of the quality, composition or origin of the products offered.

Art. 11. The IMD participants declare that they are familiar with and strictly follow the tax and customs laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. Violations of these rules and regulations for personal gain or for gaining competitive advantage shall be deemed a gross violation of this code.


Art.12. Each of the participants in IMD ( International Mavrud Day) can plan, offer and conduct special promotional packages and offers related to IMD and its accompanying initiatives. It is not allowed to promote and offer free of charge events contrary to the concept of IMD and not approved by the organizers.

Art.13. It is not allowed to offer wines produced by unregistered wine producers and / or in violation of the established oenological practices. These wines are incompatible with the concept of IMD and their promotion and offering cannot be linked to the initiative.

Art.14. IMD cannot be used as an instrument for raising artificially the price of wines and tourist services. Such a conduct will be considered as unfair competition and a violation of this Code. 

Art.15. (1) The use of the IMD logo and the reference to the initiative is allowed only in compliance with the code of ethics.(2) BAWP may exercise control over the presentation, promotion, visualization, inclusion of events and locations, broadcasting of messages, involvement of partners and support of external causes related to the IMD.

Art.16. "The message" Consume responsibly "and a distinctive sign with 18+ or the text" The event is not suitable for persons under 18 years of age "are mandatory for  any sort of  material and on every announcement for an event or happening related to IMD"


Art. 17. (1) BAWP has the right to provide information related to the nature of activities of the IMD participants upon request from third parties and after obtaining written consent from the interested party. The information shall be provided in a way that reflects the objective reality and that by no means gives an advantage to one participant over another.

(2) The information referred to in para. (1) above shall be collected and updated only on the basis of the written information provided by each participant, whereas each participant shall be responsible for the accuracy of the data.

(3) The inaccurate provision of information or the submission of false or misleading information goes against the ethical norms and shall be deemed a gross violation.

Art. 18. The IMD participants shall not obliged to provide information that is internal and that may constitute a trade secret.


Art. 19. This code is adopted by the managing board of BAWP. 

Art. 20. Each violation of this Code of Ethics by a BAWP member may lead to sanctions, including exclusion from participation in IMD.

Art. 21. This Code of Ethics is subject to amendment, development or refinement in accordance to change of circumstances, experience gained during the event, and requirements of the participants aimed at improving the results and impact of the event.

Art. 22. All proposals for interpretation of and amendments to this code are made by the managing board of BAWP.