1. The website www.mavrudday.com is owned by the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals (BAWP). BAWP is a non-profit legal entity, registered with socially beneficial purposes.

2. As the site’s owner, BAWP has the right to publish any written, graphic and other information in the form of news, articles, publications related to the topic of the site and to make it available for use in good faith by registered and unregistered users.

3. These terms and conditions, hereafter “Terms”, set forth the rules and procedures for use of the site www.mavrudday.com, the information and services it provides, and the relationships between BAWP and the site’s users.

4. Access to information published on the site www.mavrudday.com is possible only by using the publicly available Internet website.

5. The site www.mavrudday.com is an information hub with material by both BAWP and third parties. BAWP shall not be held responsible for the content of the information material provided by third parties.

6. Advertisers shall be solely responsible for the content of all advertisements appearing on the website as well as for the related trademarks.

7. BAWP declares that the site www.mavrudday.com is accessible to all users that have accepted these Terms.

8. BAWP shall not be held responsible for any losses, direct, indirect or consequential damages, or loss of profits resulting or arising from the use of the site www.mavrudday.com or from its temporary unavailability.

9. These Terms define two categories of users, as follows:
9.1. Registered users - individuals that have created their personal accounts using the online registration form.
9.2 Unregistered users  - individuals visiting the website without registering.

10. Any use of the resources of the site means that users are familiar with these Terms and have agreed to observe them.

11. These Terms may be updated at any time without prior notice to users.   II. DESCRIPTION OF THE WEBSITE RESOURCES

12. The resources available on the site www.mavrudday.com are:
12.1 News and current information related to the topic of the website. Information about BAWP and about the International Mavrud Day (mavrud day);
12.2 Original publications;
12.3 Information about events, press releases, announcements to partners, commercial announcements, advertisements.
12.4 Opinions, analysis, marketing suggestions;
12.5 Links to other websites of related events and organisations.  

13. All materials available on the site www.mavrudday.com, including the current Terms, are intellectual property of the Bulgarian Association of Wine Professionals. 

14. When using the resources covered by these Terms, users have access to a variety of content that may be subject to copyright or other intellectual property rights. All intellectual property rights over the information resources and materials published on the site (news and current information, original photos and videos, opinions, analysis, legislative changes proposals and publications) are protected under the current Copyright Act and its related rights. The unregulated use of the resources and materials is a violation of law, for which civil, administrative and criminal liability is held in accordance with applicable Bulgarian legislation.

15. The use of materials on this website shall be allowed only if the source is mentioned correctly.

16. BAWP allows users to use all services and information provided on the site for personal non-commercial purposes only, provided that the copyright of BAWP or third parties directly or indirectly related to the materials on the site is not infringed. It shall not in any way be permitted to alter the materials on this site, nor to copy or publicly distribute them for public or commercial purposes. The use of the site’s materials in other websites shall be permissible only upon correctly indicating the source and after notifying the owner of the site, BAWP.

17. BAWP reserves the right to grant publishing rights to third parties under an additional contract entered into between BAWP and the third party that governs in writing their rights and obligations.

18. By publishing information on the site, users declare that they are the copyright holders and that they grant, free of charge, BAWP the right to distribute the information on the pages of the website as well as in other materials related to the International Mavrud Day.  

19. BAWP makes every effort to maintain accurate, precise and up-to-date information on the website, without excluding the possibility of objective incidental discrepancies or omissions. BAWP shall not be held responsible for the consequences, including any damages, caused by or related in any way to the access (or failure to access) the site. All information on the site is provided in accordance with applicable Bulgarian legislation. BAWP does not guarantee its integrity and protection from malicious attacks by third parties.

20. BAWP shall not be held responsible for the content, accuracy and legality of the links to other Internet websites and of the services and resources that have become available to the users upon visiting the site.

21. BAWP shall not be held responsible for the subjective perception and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the informational resources of this site.  

22. BAWP reserves the right to claim for compensation for all damages and claims by third parties which result from violation of these Terms and/or from unregulated use of the services of this site.

To exercise any of the rights described in these Terms or in case of questions and/or complaints and objections regarding the Terms, you may contact the owner of the website, BAWP, in the following ways:
By e-mail: office@bawp.bg
By post: 2 Emil de Lavele Str., office 2, Plovdiv  

These General Terms and Conditions are current as of 1 October 2021.