Privacy Policy


1. The policy for processing and storage of personal data applies and is identical for all sites owned by BAWP -, (referred to in this chapter as "sites")

2. Processing of personal data by BAWP is related to the following purposes:
2.1. Execution of orders and contracts;
2.2. Consultancy services to clients;
2.3. Phone communication; mail and email;
2.4. Answers to quests from Customers regarding products or services of the Association;
2.5. Sending of emails with news and suggestions from us and / or invitations to events we organize - alone or with our partners;
2.6. Statistics and analysis related needs;
2.7. For contacting consumers for special offers and information considered to be of potential interest;
2.8. For providing useful advice, information, updates;
2.9. In order to connect with the users with information on the use of the website;
2.10. For improvements of the content and the functions of the website;
2.11. In order to collect customers opinions on the products and services of the BAWP;
2.12. For marketing and advertisement purposes related to the BAWP activity;
2.13. For any other purpose in accordance with this Privacy Policy or for which we have obtained your esplicit consent;

3. After the purpose of personal data processing expires, the collected personal data of the User will be destroyed except in the cases where BAWP wishes to store the processed personal data as anonymous for statistical purposes after explicit permission of the Commission for Personal Data Protection - (Art. 25 of the Law for Personal Data Protection).

4. By registering on the BAWp websites, the User gives permission to the processing of his personal data in accordance with the conditions specified here, as well as in accordance with the conditions according to the Law for Personal Data Protection.

5. The registration on the BAWP sites allows the users to monitor the status of their profiles, as well as to store and receive information with a maximum protection of the personal data provided.

6. In accordance with Art. 28 of the Law for Personal Data Protection, the Users of the BAWP sites may request at any time from the BAWP owner to:  
6.1. To delete, correct or block their personal data, the processing of which does not meet the requirements of this law;
6.2  Notify third parties to whom their personal data have been disclosed of any deletion, rectification or blocking, except where this is not possible or involves excessive effort.

7. The user is responsible for all attempts to gain unauthorized access to other user’s accounts in accordance with the Criminal Code (Chapter 9) and the current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

8. In accordance with the Law for Personal Data Protection the registered users, according to point 9.1 of these General Terms and Conditions, have the right to access and change their personal data, as well as to request from BAWP to close their user profile. Upon registration, users are obliged to provide accurate, true and complete information about themselves, as well as to update it timely in order to permit BAWP to keep it accurate, true and complete. In case of incorrect, inaccurate and / or incomplete information, BAWP is not responsible.

9. BAWP has the right to send advertising messages in the form of an electronic newsletter to the e-mail address provided during registration by the registered users. Registered users have the right to unsubscribe voluntarily from receiving advertising messages by clicking on a link located on an e-newsletter received by them.

10. BAWP will not provide personal data of the registered users to third parties for advertising and promotional purposes, as well as for other reasons, unless required by services related to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

11. BAWP reserves its right to change the current personal data policy at any time, without prior notice; the changed personal data policy will be published on this page.

12. BAWP is not responsible for any damages resulting from incorrect or incomplete data provided by you.

13.  Through BAWP sites, users can access links to other websites or you can access BAWP sites through links from another website. BAWP is not responsible for the privacy policy practices of other websites. Such content is governed by their terms of use and by all other instructions and information about the personal data policy which their websites provide.

14.  Through theregistration form BAWP gains access to the following type of information:
14.1. Personal: e-mail, password to access the website, Name and Surname, Phone, Country, City, address and postal code.
14.2. Non-personal: the browser you use, URL, etc.

15.  Each user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his username and password and for all the actions arising from his registration.

16.  BAWP keeps personal data as long as necessary for the processing of the correspondence and any possible additional actions. For advertising messages, data is stored for 3 years or until withdrawal of consent.

17.  This Privacy Policy is intended to inform users about the use of their personal data collected when they visit BAWP sites. By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, users agree that part of the information provided may be used by BAWP  for connection and communication by phone, mail or e-mail.  

To exercise any of the rights described in this Policy or in case of questions and / or complaints and objections regarding this Policy or the way in which personal data is processed, you may contact the owner of the BAWP website in the following ways:

By email:

By post: “Emil de Lavele” street N 2, office 2, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This Policy is valid on 01/10/2021.