Mavrud Wines

Mavrud Wines

Mavrud is one of the most valuable Bulgarian varieties for dry red wine production. The variety is the most late ripening red variety in the country, a reason why it is strongly influenced by climate conditions. In long and warm autumns, the grapes manage to ripen fully and give wines with medium alcohol, intensely colored, extractive, with moderately high acidity, optimal content of phenolic substances and harmonious taste. Aromas typical for the variety are blue plum, blackberry, ripe mulberry, mint, thyme, rose hip, blueberry, black pepper, red berries. The variety has many faces and can be vinified in many styles: as a white wine “Blanc de Noir”, as a rose, a sparkling, a fresh red wine, a barrel aged red or as a dessert wine.

Types and styles of Mavrud

The high acidity and the good phenolic content allow the red wines of the Mavrud variety to develop their qualities after 1-2 уеаrs of maturation in oak barrels and in bottle. Wine producers in Bulgaria often prefer their Mavrud wines to mature in Bulgarian oak barrels made from the local Strandza mountain oak in order to acquire a unique Bulgarian taste and authenticity. The aging potential of these wines is of 5-10 years, in exceptional harvests, even more. With the ageing the Mavrud wines acquire a noble character with tertiary notes of dry leafs, leather and tobacco. The tannins acquire a velvety texture, the prominent acidity promise to preserve the wine over the time.

More and more oenologists in Bulgaria make the stylistic choice to vinify Mavrud also without wood ageing and are obtaining excellent results.

White wines from Mavrud (Blanc de Noir) have a relatively high acidity, a light body and a limited ageing potential.

The rose wines from Mavrud have a fruity, quite simple aromatic profile with notes of red berries and are often blended with other varieties.

The variety is not widely preferred for sparkling wines, but there are some good examples, especially in the Pet-Nat style.

In exceptional harvests, when full physiological and phenolic ripeness is achieved, the Mavrud variety can produce also excellent dessert wines.

The variety is often blended with other local varieties such as Rubin, but also with international ones such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc. With their rich and intense bouquet these wines are able to compete with the best examples from all over the world.